En vivo desde el Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 19.24.46Radio La Berlinesa

¡Hoy edición especial de día lunes de La Berlinesa & Co.! Seguimos incansables los caminos de la radiofonía, y desde las 20 horas en ocasión especial compartiremos con Elsye Suquilanda y Timo Berger desde Prenzaluer Berg, en la sede del Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse. Ambos presentarán juntos este viernes 7 de diciembre sus respectivos libros: “030 Berlín” y “Extra Muros”.

Como siempre, con la conducción de Andrés Santa María y Oliver Bersnier.

Una probadita de mi nuevo libro 030 planeta Berlin

Soundtrack : Poemario “030 planeta Berlín” de Elsye Suquilanda

editorial: Lupi / Zoográfico, Bilbao, Madrid –  España
lanzamiento oficial diciembre 2018, Berlín – Alemania

poesía: Elsye Suquilanda
música: Jarno Eerola
ilustración: Xueh Magrini Troll

grabado en : Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse Studios 2018



The Poetic Groove tomorrow with premier of new noise poetry band by Laura Leiner  & LauraL (guitar, processed sounds, field recordings) Elsye Suquilanda (texto, vocal, video).

With Spoken word performers:
kenton turk accompanied by taiko drum (played by Moeko Yamazaki)
sean bonney
dan k sigurd

performance artist: elya may, who will perform ’Lovely dinner” , about the social divide between rich and the poor and one devouring the other.

HOSTS: lady gaby & sophie fenella

at Kremanski

Three women of the latin-american galaxy went out from different points of their world to explore the cosmos and to find their own voices in the industrialized systems.

Hazard, chances and love took them all to the planet 030-Berlin. In this place they put music to their thoughts, experiments and biographical sublimations.

“A Spacefrau
ist a Spacefrau
ist a Spacefrau”
is a multilingual woman,
is a space-time game,
is a body language and beyond.

Electronic space sounds, gaucho-voltaic female guitars and in-corporeal voice frequencies gather together to tell about the intrepid and exasperating experience from outer space migration.

18th May in Café Kremanski
Elsye Suquilanda
Ligia Liberatori
and Minsk (Mijal Bloch)
play “A Spacefrau ist a Spacefrau ist a Spacefrau”

Flyer: cover of an OUTSONIC’s painting remixed by Minsk.
Edition: Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse