Creatures of Kaurismaki, on the side of Hope

The Andalusian Chicho dog, on the dining room table, looks with certainty, a halo of light illuminates his face in the facilities of the “Kollektiv Dunckerstraße” in the city of Berlin, while an Amasauna prepares for the polar temperatures of papaya vodka Latin poetry.

It was the year 2013 when Tatyana’s scarf began to shelter us gently, we became a man without a past, as a Leningrad Cowboy who had lived in the United States, lately I have adopted his peculiar style of wearing hair as the members of this troop with Pointy boots. When I came to Europe for the first time I woke up in the port of Le Havre, the Bohemian life; it reminded me that in my house we are four members who have come from different latitudes of the planet, with different histories.

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Elsye Suquilanda, viene de una linda y larga ciudad ubicada en una línea imaginaria. Creadora, poeta, escritora, tejedora de videos y activista por los derechos de los animales. Co-creadora del Chichoismo.

Proyecto de Sergio Falconí Parker
Berlin 2017

Berlin ich liebe dich / Poesie

Poema del libro: Agua de Mono Eau de Toilette Spree
de Elsye Suquilanda.

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at Kremanski

Three women of the latin-american galaxy went out from different points of their world to explore the cosmos and to find their own voices in the industrialized systems.

Hazard, chances and love took them all to the planet 030-Berlin. In this place they put music to their thoughts, experiments and biographical sublimations.

“A Spacefrau
ist a Spacefrau
ist a Spacefrau”
is a multilingual woman,
is a space-time game,
is a body language and beyond.

Electronic space sounds, gaucho-voltaic female guitars and in-corporeal voice frequencies gather together to tell about the intrepid and exasperating experience from outer space migration.

18th May in Café Kremanski
Elsye Suquilanda
Ligia Liberatori
and Minsk (Mijal Bloch)
play “A Spacefrau ist a Spacefrau ist a Spacefrau”

Flyer: cover of an OUTSONIC’s painting remixed by Minsk.
Edition: Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse


Lanzamiento libro “Agua de Mono Eau de Toilette Spree”                                     Buchvorstellung “Affen Wasser”

La Estación, Quito 29. 11.2016

cámara: Manuel Suquilanda
subtítulos alemán /Deutsch Untertiteln : Simone Reinhard
edición: Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse, Berlín 2017

auf Spanisch mit Deutsch Untertiteln

Noise Poesia


StadPOESIE ein Verskonzert en Instituto Cervantes Berlín, dirigido por Timo Berguer Festival de Literatura Latinale dentro del marco del Stadtsprachen Literaturfestival.

vídeo arte: Jarno Eerola

ilustración vestuario: Xuehka