Documental Suenos de gloria


Entrevista para el documental Sueños de gloria. Grabado en Europa y Ecuador, testimonios triunfales de los ecuatorianos.
Próximamente en cines!

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The Poetic Groove tomorrow with premier of new noise poetry band by Laura Leiner  & LauraL (guitar, processed sounds, field recordings) Elsye Suquilanda (texto, vocal, video).

With Spoken word performers:
kenton turk accompanied by taiko drum (played by Moeko Yamazaki)
sean bonney
dan k sigurd

performance artist: elya may, who will perform ’Lovely dinner” , about the social divide between rich and the poor and one devouring the other.

HOSTS: lady gaby & sophie fenella

Relachen monologos en espanol – Berlin

“Es emocionante ver la cantidad de gente que llega a cada nueva entrega de un Relachen Berlín. Maravillada y agradecida por esta nueva aventura, y con un público precioso multiculticultural”

(me) Cenicienta de Späti – (poesía performática)

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Relachen Monólogos en Español se realiza el 6 de cada mes en la ciudad de Berlín, para más información:


Creatures of Kaurismaki, on the side of Hope

The Andalusian Chicho dog, on the dining room table, looks with certainty, a halo of light illuminates his face in the facilities of the “Kollektiv Dunckerstraße” in the city of Berlin, while an Amasauna prepares for the polar temperatures of papaya vodka Latin poetry.

It was the year 2013 when Tatyana’s scarf began to shelter us gently, we became a man without a past, as a Leningrad Cowboy who had lived in the United States, lately I have adopted his peculiar style of wearing hair as the members of this troop with Pointy boots. When I came to Europe for the first time I woke up in the port of Le Havre, the Bohemian life; it reminded me that in my house we are four members who have come from different latitudes of the planet, with different histories.

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